[My Response] To Ahemidi`s Plea

If you do not like the law,  It does not mean you are allow to break the law.

It was the 1st thought when I read a Ahemdi/qadyani artilce on a bias site  Pak Tea House.

Writer have some problems with few laws of Pakistan, So 1st he started to break the law by himself. He used “Muslim” with ahemdis again and again in the article.

According to him:  “I know I will be wrong to take God’s position of being the ultimate Judge of faith “

Indircelty he wanted to say that  His “Prophet” has authority like GOD, as he define the rule of “faith”.
The above rule of faith is written on their official website.

After their prophet`s claim, ahemids Khalifa also behave like a “God” and openly declare others “Kafir”

Mirza Basheer Ud Deen, Ainwarul Aloom, Gild 2, Page 112

The blog writer  also mentioned that Charity, I believe, should always begin at home,So its request to the writer, before pleaing to other community start it from your home.

Remeber, you have any view for any one, but for ahmadiyya we will see their “official view” as mentioned at your officail site and Khalifa`s wrtiing.

And at the end, the about “other discrimination”:

Kilmatull Fazal, P 169
This book is available on their Official Site.
I hope you start charity from your home today… And young ahemdis will follow you and help you to bring revolution in “khalifa regime”!

Note:I posted comment 2 times on Pak tea house site, but they reject my comment thats why I am calling that as a Bias site!


2 responses to “[My Response] To Ahemidi`s Plea

  1. double standards of ahmadis

    So ahmadis declared non ahmadis to be kafir and non muslim way before 1974

    so why Ahmadis are ok with there leaders acting like GOD (as they say)

  2. Ahmadies Play with the word Kafir but Mirza Mahmud didnt just use the word Kafir he use the words like NOT MUSLIM, Out of Pale of Islam etc

    He wrote the article:
    entitled—’A Muslim is one who believes in all the Messengers of God.’ (so MUSLIM not Kafir or not Kafir)

    Then he said:
    The belief that all those so-called Muslims who have not entered into his Bai‘at formally, wherever they may be, are kuffar and outside the pale of Islam, even though they may not have heard the name of the Promised Messiah. That these beliefs have my full concurrence, I readily admit
    (Truth about Spilit Mirza Mahmud Ahmad page 56-57)

    Then he said:
    I wrote that as we believed the Promised Messiahas to be one of the Prophets of God, we could not possibly regard his deniers as Muslims It is true we did not consider them to be kafir billah, (deniers of God), but how could we doubt that, they were kafir-bil-ma’mur (deniers of a God’s Messenger)
    (Truth about Spilit Mirza Mahmud Ahmad page 146)

    Then he wrote:
    “At any rate, when the great God has revealed to me that every body whom my Call has reached and who has failed to accept my claim, is not a Muslim
    (Truth about Spilit Mirza Mahmud Ahmad page 147)

    Then he writes:
    every person who fails to accept him is not a Muslim
    (Truth about Spilit Mirza Mahmud Ahmad page 147)

    Then he said in same context when he called such ppl non muslim he writes:
    according to these quotations, not only are those deemed to be kuffar, who openly style the Promised Messiahas as kafir, and those who although they do not style him thus, decline still to accept his
    claim, but even those who, in their hearts, believe the Promised Messiahas to be true, and do not even deny him with their tongues, but hesitate to enter into his Bai‘at, have here been adjudged to be kuffar
    (Truth about Spilit Mirza Mahmud Ahmad page 148)

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