MGAQ “Rule” For declaring other as “Kafir”

Most qadyani/ahemdis during debate insist that

“No one has right to call other as “kafir” Or

“You are not ALLAH to call others Kafir”  Or

“If someone call himself as a Muslim, than he is a Muslim”.

Rather than going to debate on these points, Let see what Mriza Ghulam Ahmed Qaydani(MGAQ)`s rule: Mention on Qadyani`s official Website is:

From Ahmedis/Qadyani Official Website ""


2 responses to “MGAQ “Rule” For declaring other as “Kafir”

  1. Normally they start playing with word kafir and kuffar minor kuffar major kuffar etc.

    but at other places they use the words like Muslaman nahi, Dairah Islam sey Khajir etc.

    and they never comment on usage of those words

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